Genre: intervention (kinetic installation)
Date: 2022
Size: ~ 450 x 450 x 70 cm
Materials: wood, rope, inflatable waterbeds, Taiwan Strait
Location: Taiwan Strait, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Photo: Ru Chang, Saru Red, Kaiser Yang



During the time of COVID, I daydreamed about an obsolete future.

Those were densely dark and empty years. Their emptiness was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

I was fantasizing about getting out to the sea, under the sun. How I’d be simply floating upon the water, simply drifting about.

Waves would be tossing me to and fro.

I’d be staring into the sun like a maniac and enjoy being finally hot.

I could be sweating into the ecstasy of regeneration and the euphoria of being borne away – as it once used to be.



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